OxyGen v3, is now available in the Koken store!

For the first time a theme made by a third party developer has earned the "quality assurance" label which will now make it possible to buy said theme directly through the store. That theme, is OxyGen V3!

Andy Lerner | Relaunched

Andy Lerner is a photographer and film director residing in southern California. Andy travels extensively in the South Pacific, Asia and Africa in pursuit of his underwater, wildlife & travel photography. He already had a great design for he's site, but…

Get a free copy of OxyGen3!

We are currently giving away three lifetime licenses for OxyGen3! All you have to do is to find the easter egg/hidden feature that is hidden inside the theme: and tell us how to activate it.

OxyGen v3 Announcement

As you might know, we have been hard at work putting together OxyGen v3. And now, after almost 6 months, I'm happy to say that it is as good as ready!

A big thank you goes out to our beta testing team, who helped us out in the beginning of this rebuildin

I have since I started this site, been thinking about how to implement a set of links to friends and/or people that has inspired me: both in life as well as on my photography journey.

The big problem I have been facing is the fact that I personally hates

Invitation to a closed BETA test of OxyGen v3

We are now closing in on a public release of the upcoming OxyGen v3, but need help to find the last quirks and bugs. We believe that the current code base is stable and safe to be run in public: without any big concerns. If you are already running…

Open letter to the Koken team

Are you abandoning your users? Dear Koken team, I am one of the people who your team has seemed to have abandoned. A loyal user and a fan! By now, everyone who uses Koken, knows that it is for sale, and that the team is moving on with life. And I…

Clicky Web Analytics for Koken CMS

Clicky is a real time web analytics service that enables you to have an accurate view of your website traffic. Unlike other web traffic monitoring services, Clicky Web Analytics displays statistics and complete information, in real time, about your…

Cookie Consent Plugin for Koken CMS

Cookie Consent is a lightweight JavaScript plugin for alerting users about the use of cookies on your website. It is designed to help you comply with the hideous EU Cookie Law and not make you want to kill yourself in the process.

Bjarne Varöystrand