Cookie Consent Plugin for Koken CMS

Cookie Consent is a lightweight JavaScript plugin for alerting users about the use of cookies on your website. It is designed to help you comply with the hideous EU Cookie Law and not make you want to kill yourself in the process. So I made it fast, free, and relatively painless.

Latest version can be downloaded from the Koken Community Support forum.

What does the law say?

From May 2011 a new privacy law came into effect across the EU. The law requires that websites ask visitors for consent to use most web cookies.

Nearly all websites use cookies, which are an extremely common technology for remembering anything about a visitor between webpages. Cookies are commonly used for login, remembering preferences, tracking visitors and more.

The law provides some exceptions for “strictly necessary” cookies, but there is considerable disagreement over what this means. Cookie Consent is based upon the simplest compliance approach that has become common across the Internet since 2011.

Will Cookie Consent make me compliant with the law?

If you install Cookie Consent, you will be informing your users that your website is using cookies. This is the same approach that Google, Twitter and more have taken towards compliance: continue to use cookies, but tell users that they’re being used (often called ‘implied opt in’).

Whilst I can’t guarantee that my plugin will constitute total compliance for everyone in the EU, this approach does appear to have satisfied regulators for the time being. If you’re confused by the law and its vague requirements, you’re in good company.

Do You need to do anything else?

Simply telling users that your site uses cookies is the absolute bare minimum. Cookie Consent allows you to link to a cookie or privacy policy, if you have one. To comply with the law, I strongly recommend that you prepare a brief policy and link to it. Here’s my privacy policy, as an example.

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