OxyGen is now available in the Koken store

Yes, you read that right...

OxyGen v3, is now available in the Koken store!

For the first time a theme made by a third party developer has earned the "quality assurance" label which will now make it possible to buy said theme directly through the store. That theme, is OxyGen V3!

OxyGen preview img

I have been so pleased, and proud to see what people have been able to accomplish while using OxyGen up until now. And for Koken to solidify OxyGen's worthiness by honoring it with their "seal of approval", it says to me that all of our hard work has paid off!
This means a lot to us, especially considering how OxyGen had been a pet project since way before we decided to make v3 a premium theme.

So... If you've ever doubted whether the Koken Community Support team or OxyGen v3 was in for it in the long-term, you can stop guessing....
Because we are here to stay :D

With that said, I want to make something extremely clear: OxyGen's new found availability within every Koken installation, does not affect the level of support that has been offered to our fans & customers so far. You can expect support to continue in the same way, as we hold ourselves to the highest standards where customer service is concerned. Support will continue to be handled via our ticket system here: (https://help.kokensupport.com) or via the KCS forum.

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