OxyGen v3 Announcement

As you might know, we have been hard at work putting together OxyGen v3. And now, after almost 6 months, I'm happy to say that it is as good as ready!

I won't go through what has changed between the "old OxyGen v2.x.x" and v3 since that list would be very, very long... ;)
So I'll settle with saying that we more or less rewrote the whole theme: From the ground up!

If you're interested, we have keept a very good eye on all changes: and have documented them over at the OxyGen Docs. But be warned... It's a long list :) . Altogether, we identified over 150 bugs/fixes, and committed over 1,000 commits to finalize what we feel is the most stable, beautiful, and most powerful Koken theme "out there".

A big thank you goes out to our beta testing team, who helped us out in the beginning of this rebuilding phase: Your patience and input has been invaluable! :D

One of the biggest practical changes from the current available version is that v3 will require a valid license, and will not be free!
You might ask why we have chosen to "get greedy" and demand you to pay for this beautiful and powerful theme? Well, simply because of the time and effort that we have spent to deliver it to you!

But before you go and get the tar and feathers!

The current v2.x.x will continue to be available for free and maintained as before. However, We will not be adding any new features to speak of, but will try to keep it up-to-date, and "running" as it is right now.
In other words, we are not abandoning the "good old v2" in any way :)

Time limited offer

Pay With Paypal Verified Secure PaymentsFor a limited time we have decided that members of KCS will be able to purchase OxyGen 3 for a reduced price: $40 (+ $5 that Paypal takes for handling the payments) this means that you not only will get one of the best themes available, but also the least expensive "out there"! :D

To take advantage of this time limited offer, head over to: our pre-order page fill in what domain you will be using OxyGen on and click the "purchase button" and you will be taken to a secure PayPal page where you have to either login with your PayPal account, or use your credit card to complete the order.

Please be advised that we require 24 hours to handle orders. But when that is done, you will receive an email to the same address used for placing the order, with your license key and a download link for the actual theme.

With this order, you will also be entitled to our "Premium support" via the support ticket system as well as "hands on" help if needed to get you up and running during the first 7 days after receiving the theme and license.

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