The "famous" list of links

I have since I started this site, been thinking about how to implement a set of links to friends and/or people that has inspired me: both in life as well as on my photography journey.

The big problem I have been facing is the fact that I personally hates does link pages where you just list the links as a bulleted list: sure, it fills it's purpose creating a fast way of adding links to a page. But you got to agree with me: it's plain ugly to the eye!

Non the less, I didn't cave in to the challenge: I took it upon my self to create something that would be at least a bit pleasing to the eye and functional.

The "solution" as of now, can bee seen here: "Praise and Credits"

This is my solution, it's still a "ugly list" in the background but a bit more gentle to the eye. The "down side" with this is that I have left out many links since I wanted to create something personal and a bit intimate. Not just links for the sake of links. On the above link you will find a excerpt of friends that somehow influences me both in my presence online and in the "real world" non the less they all have creativity and photography as a common nominator.

I do hope that you will find at least some of the links useful and/or influencing: in time I will ad to the list, but very selectively.

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